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Tattoo Aftercare


  1.  Keep bandage or wrap on until you are able remove and wash the tattoo with antibacterial soap

  2. 2.) Wash and lather with your hand, removing any excess buildup of plasma or ointment. Clean 3-5 x Day for two weeks

  3. Let it air dry 10-15 min after washing

  4. We recommend the application of our Vitalitree salve (can be purchased on location) 3-5 x Day for two weeks. 

  5. Day 3-5 peeling/flaking begins (very similar to a sunburn). This will come off naturally throughout the course of the care process. do not pick or remove any skin. 

  6. Care period extends for two weeks. beyond that, it is always advisable to care for your skin as it will add longevity to the tattoo work. 

*In the event that you have any questions, concerns, or issues with your tattoo, be sure to contact your artist.*

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